Animal Lover, Vet and Pet Therapist

Dr. Teresa Bradley Bays life’s work is the care and healing of animals. For over 20 years she’s been practicing veterinary medicine at the nearby Belton Animal Clinic and Exotic Care Center. She decided to open Bays at the Moon Bed and Barkfast because after years of working with them, she knows that dogs and other small animals deserve the same care and attention during the day that they receive when they’re home with their owners. Bays at the Moon cares for animals with separation anxiety, shyness, and a range of issues that are equally debilitating in animals as in their human counterparts. Her goal in starting the business was to finally bring and create a comfortable, safe and enjoyable environment for dogs and other small animals that deserve the best and that need help socializing or overcoming fears.

Our Staff


The staff at Bays at the Moon are animal lovers and experts at helping animals learn to overcome the obstacles in their lives. Not only do they comfort animals, they train them to be better versions of themselves. Through play, and sometimes gentle therapies, we entertain, engage and teach animals to interact with humans and other members of their own species. Our staff is well qualified to take care of your furry friends. With years of experience, the team that Dr. Bays put together to run the doggy daycare and animal anxiety treatment center are all carefully selected (vetted, if you will) to make sure your animal gets the treatment and love it deserves. Each has been trained to deal with certain types of animals and each loves giving love to your best friend. Learn About Our Services

Staff Bios

Teresa Bradley Bays – Facility Owner and Veterinarian


Teresa graduated from KSU School of Veterinary Medicine and is an ABVP Diplomate in Exotic Companion Mammals, as well as a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist through the Chi Institute. She is the owner of Belton Animal Clinic and Exotic Care Center near Kansas City, Missouri, USA. She has authored numerous articles concerning exotic animal medicine, several chapters for Veterinary Clinics of North America/Exotic Animal Practice, and is an international speaker. She is senior editor/co-author of Exotic Pet Behavior – Birds, Reptiles and Small Mammals, and author of the behavior chapter in the newest edition of Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents. She has been an active contributor to veterinary medicine and her local community including: Past President of the ARAV and Missouri Academy of Veterinary Practitioners; founder of the Pajamas for Foster Kids Program; recipient of the Outstanding Community Partner Award with Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association; veterinarian for HELP Humane and the animal shelter at a local domestic violence shelter; and co-chair of KC-CAN (Caring for All Network) a Kansas City Group that is helping to stop the domestic violence cycle by educating people about the link between animal abuse, domestic violence and other forms of violence.

Dr. Bradley Bays has always been passionate about helping animals with pain, anxiety and stress-related behavior issues. Bays at the Moon Bed and Barkfest is a premier boarding and daycare facility, but it also provides a service to help pets to live their best and most comfortable, fear-free lives. Bays at the Moon allows pets to enjoy life even when they are away from their families in a low stress and fun environment!