Pamper Your Pooches and Help them Relax

Guests have a choice of amenities – from treats to treatments. Bays at the Moon helps your best friends feel better with an array of services that will make their stay more enjoyable and help nervous animals relax.

Healthy Treats – $3.00/day

Frozen Peanut Butter and Yogurt Treats. Yum!

training-sizedIndividualized Training – Individualized Training – Our staff can help you with many training issues with your pets including potty training, jumping, barking, basic obedience, tricks and gaining confidence to overcome shyness and anxiety.

We can help your dog to be more confident, less anxious and better behaved, plus we can help you to communicate better with your dog making life better for everyone!

Massage helps pets in so many ways – it increases circulation, reduces anxiety and stress, heightens immune system function, lowers blood pressure, increases flexibility, and improves overall well-being.  Massage can also help pets to gain confidence, increase trust and sociability. And it just feels good! Several of our staff members are trained in pet massage and have extensive experience making pets feel great!

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy – $30.00 per loop, can be taken home

By increasing cellular activity and the production of nitrous oxide the loop is a non-invasive way to promote healing and to reduce pain. This had been especially helpful for cats and dogs with arthritis.

Alpha Stim (CES)*** – Two 20 minute sessions – $20.00Alpha-Stem-sized

This is an FDA approved modality in people for pain and anxiety and has been shown to provide similar benefits to animals. These sometimes life-changing benefits allow for a better quality of life. A small amount of electrical current in a bi-phasic wave produces an alpha state like that achieved with meditation. We have used this on many of our guests that show any anxiety when they first arrive and it has made a visible difference in their level of comfort and ease while boarding, so much so that their owners notice the difference when they pick them up!


Acupuncture allows energy to move more freely along channels in the body. The benefits are amazing and the treatment can decrease anxiety and help with pain and illness. This modality can help when nothing else works. At Bays at the Moon, acupuncture can be used for symptomatic therapy or for whole body/systemic treatment. We have helped pets with arthritis, skin issues that haven’t responded to other tissues and chronic kidney disease in cats. It makes them feel so much better!

  • 10-minute Symptomatic Treatment $30
  • 20-minute Whole Body Treatment $55

Pick Up or Drop Off Pets – $25.00/trip and 56 cents/mile

This service is only available if arrangements are made prior to the reservation time.

***These amenities require a medical examination by owner Dr. Teresa Bradley Bays from Belton Animal Clinic and Exotic Care Center as they require a valid Client/Patient/Veterinarian relationship. She will come to the facility to perform the exam. Please ask a staff member for details.