In Memory of Bella Reese

At Bays of the Moon Bed and Barkfest, all of the pets we care for are special to us as we get to know them each personally and individually with the day care that we provide to each pet whether they are boarding or they are part of our day care regulars. It has been almost a year however since we lost the lovable and so special Bella, our facility mascot and beloved pet of Charlie and Susan Reese who were the first clients of Bays at the Moon when it opened in 2014.

Few people know that Bella was the inspiration for creating the Bays at the Moon concept. A high energy boxer with a heart of gold, Bella consistently got overheated and physically sick whenever she went to other doggie day care facilities. As a veterinarian, her symptoms led me to begin to think about the dogs in large doggie daycares that become anxious and even suffer because of the venue of large rooms or yards with dozens of dogs playing together that is seen at most doggie day cares. For most of them, this situation gives them exercise, fun and joy. For a small percentage, however, this is a stressful and anxiety-inducing event that creates a dog that sleeps for hours, not because of tiredness created by healthy exercise but because they have spent hours in high-stress surroundings not appropriate for their personality or level of health.

What we found with Bella was that she did not know how to moderate her play and that she would vigorously play with a ball until she became physically sick. Our staff worked with her to teach her to take breaks from play and she quickly became our favorite babysitter and playmate for other dogs in our care. Sweet Bella crossed the rainbow bridge unexpectedly last year leaving indelible paw prints on all of our hearts.  Below is a slideshow that we have put together to honor the amazing Miss Bella who provided love to so many people and so many pets. Thank you, Charlie and Susan, for sharing her with all of us!