Dog Training

Gentle, Effective Training for All Dogs, Including Those that are Shy and Nervous

traingingWe are able to help you work on basic and advance obedience as well as specific problem areas including jumping, pulling, biting, potty training and anxieties such as separation anxiety and fearful behavior. Training sessions for one hour with our Dog Trainer, Cindy Holland are $25, and if they are bundled with Daycare sessions, a one hour session is discounted to $15.

Puppy Training and Socialization

Help your puppy to start off right with six weeks of training to include basic manners such as leash training, potty training, jumping, chewing (teething), and basic commands. Sessions are limited to 4 puppies in order to give more individual help. A 6 week session is $90.

Tricks and Basic Agility Training

If you are wanting to provide your dog with some skills, along with mental stimulation and exercise then Cindy and our Pet Care Staff can also help them to learn tricks and basic agility skills that will keep them mentally stimulated and provide them with much needed exercise. One hour, one-on-one training sessions are $15.00. This is discounted to $12 for an hour session when bundled with daycare sessions.

Contact Cindy at 816-256-3313 for details and she will set up the individual sessions for your pet(s).

Certified Pet Therapy Evaluation and Training

Our manager Cindy Holland is a Certified Dog Trainer. She trains dogs by incorporating her knowledge of early development and behavior modification using only positive reinforcement techniques.

Contact Cindy at 816-256-3313 for details.

Training Team

  • Our Manager, Cindy Holland, is a Certified Dog Trainer working on becoming Certified. Her plans are to train dogs using knowledge about early development and behavior modification using positive reinforcement to create well-mannered and happier dogs with much happier pet parents. She is also working on becoming a Certified Pet Therapy Evaluator.
  • Dr. Bradley Bays, owner, can also evaluate each pet to see if medical issues may be contributing to certain behaviors.

All of our Pet Care Staff can help you to communicate better and more effectively with your pet to make life with your furry friend more enjoyable. We will work together as a team to help you to achieve the goals that will help to strengthen your relationship with your furry companion.

Click HERE to contact us today to find out how we can help provide the special care your little (and not so little) family members deserve!