The Best Treatment for Your Best Friend

Daycare is available when you are unable to leave your pet at home or when you want to give your pet an extra special day! Our facility provides an indoor, climate controlled, comfortable environment with socialization and exercise for your pet. This may include play time in the Ruffin’ It play room, Rover’s Romp Obstacle Course or rest time, snuggle time, brushing, belly rubs, time in the yard and just a real good time overall! The daycare opportunities may also include semi-private play dates with compatible pets and with the permission of the pet parents.

Our Play Areas:

The Central Bark Lounge is our meet and greet spot and a great place to drop in, visit and play!

The Ruffin’ It Play Room where dogs can romp and play! Features a tunnel, slide, ramp, balls, toys and a canine treadmill.

The Rover’s Romp Obstacle Course is set up for dogs to exercise and play while on a leash and includes a ramp, weave poles and cavallettis (low lying bars to jump over), paced individually for the ability of each dog.

For pets of all sizes, the Treadmill permits exercise for any fitness level, no matter the weather and in the comfort of the indoors.

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The Outdoor Play Area has a fenced yard with a pitball area (round arena to play ball in), ramps and, in the summertime, mini pools and a spraymister. A bubble machine is fun for some, and a game of Frisbee for others.

Your pets have the opportunity to come join the FUN in a low-stress environment that offers individual attention and socialization in a home-like setting!!

Daycare Rates
Daycare rates are $34 for all day, $28 for 6 hours and $18 for 3 hours. If your pet(s) needs to stay a few hours longer to accommodate your schedule, there is a $6 charge for each additional 3 hours or less.

Special packages are available for guests that need Daycare for 3 to 6 days per week on a regular basis. Call 816-256-3313 for more details.